Extended solitude in a natural setting can have a profound effect on how one experiences life. It can change how you perceive the world around you, and link your emotional experiences to your surroundings. To fully explore this effect on the human mentality, I traveled to different locations where I could place myself in isolation.
In solitude you become connected with your surroundings and are made conscious of the abundance of liveliness around you. This keen awareness creates a world view that is much smaller and more local than many are used to today, but it also creates an opportunity to notice the intricacies of life even on the smallest scales. Noticing the activity and beauty of your environment forces an examination of your role in the world and can cause a sense of awe and reverence. 
This state of introspection can result in a wide range of emotions that are linked to what is near you. A feeling of solitude and anxiety can quickly become one of peacefulness simply by coming upon a small creek that runs across your path. Constantly visiting new areas and starting my hikes at sunrise prevented me from growing accustomed to my surroundings, and allowed me to find the unexpected.
To create images that where sincere representations of what I encountered, I went into my journeys with little forethought of what my final images would be. This helped me to be open to inspiration from my surroundings, and allowed me to create photographs that drew on my emotional state. With the resulting images, I aim to build an atmosphere of discovery and introspection that will hopefully connect with the viewer at a base, emotional level.
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